Joe Jonas Shaves His Head!

Joe Jonas New Haircut 2013 1


“Oops”, this is the only word said by the American pop singer Joe Jonas about his newly debuted haircut. Which haircut???! Hmm.. It seems that you haven’t heard about it till now and this makes me say, “Ohh yeah, we are the early bird that catches the worm!!” Well, forgive me for this crazy moment and keep reading to know all the details of this makeover.


What happened is that the 23-year-old actor has followed the footsteps of the actor Christian Bale and updated his 2013’s lookbook with a buzz cut. Huh?! Believe it, my precious readers, Joe has ditched his signature curly locks -which many of us are, I mean were, big fans of- and debuted a shaved head. A definitely shocking makeover, I know, but let’s look at the bright side. Which is?! The bright side is that our beloved star looks much sexier than before. Doesn’t this make you happy?!

The Jonas Brothers‘ singer unveiled his new short hair style on his Twitter account, on June 3, posting a collage of four pictures with the caption, “Oops” and a funny short video on Vine. Okay, this was the last detail to be revealed, Stylishevers.. But does this mean that we’re going to say goodbye? Of course not! As before doing so, we have to remind you to do 3 things. Which are?! Firstly, take a look at the attached picture, then watch the video, and finally tell us what you think of Joe’s buzz cut. Now, we can kiss and say goodbye.

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