Jodie Whittaker New Hair Color 2013

Jodie Whittaker New Hair Color 2013

Hello ladies! Did you watch the 2013 Jameson Empire Film Awards?! Yes? I’m asking because I have a simple yet important question for the ones who have already watched this awards ceremony. What is it?! Hmm… Have you observed how the actress Jodie Whittaker looked like on the red carpet? More than gorgeous, wasn’t she? Of course!! I think that one of the many reasons behind her look was her blonde hair, don’t you agree with me?!

I know that some of you may whisper to themselves, “Is this lady joking? Whittaker’s hair is brunette not blonde!!” My precious readers, you should know that I’m not joking at all, and that the star’s hair was brunette. Yup, Jodie has totally ditched her gorgeous & sophisticated dark locks for glamorous and sexy blonde ones. Again?!! Aha!

What? You don’t understand why I said again… Hmm… I said that because the English actress has shuffled between these two hair colors – blonde& brunette – more than once in the past few years and now she repeats it again in 2013. Got it? Great! Now, tell us: Do you like Whittaker’s newly dyed tresses or not?!

Jodie Whittaker New Hair Color 2013

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