Jicky Perfume by Guerlain

Guerlain gives us the chance to witness a love story which was created in 1889 by Aime Guerlain, after he fell for a woman named Jicky while he was studying in England, although some people suspected that he named the fragrance after his Uncle Jacques Guerlain’s diminutive name, which happened to be; Jicky. Jicky is a modern & complex perfume, which makes every woman who wears it “a Jicky woman” as Guerlain described, for what it gives a woman from a dynamic & spontaneous personality. The fragrance is suitable for wearing through day or night in winter or spring, & you can wear it for more than dates & evening occasions, as it’ll suit you while going to work.

The notes that will make you live this romantic adventure begin with rosemary, mandarin orange, bergamot & lemon which give it a refreshing & citrusy start, then you’ll smell the middle notes that spice the fragrance up & warm it, like; basil, lavender, tonka bean, orris root & jasmine, & finally you’ll find that the fragrance bases with the woody notes of benzoin, amber, Brazilian rosewood, sandalwood, leather, spices & sweetens with vanilla.

Jicky fragrance has got released in 3 different types, so that every woman would have the level of intensity she needs & finds most suitable for herself & her partner, this is why Guerlain got Jikcy extract that comes in a 19th century inspired pharmacy bottle, with a champagne cork like top, there’s also Jicky eau de toilette & Jicky parfum de toilette. Jicky fragrance till now is distinguished & popular, as it remains as modern & glamorous as it ages, which made Guerlain take the lead in releasing the first modern perfume.

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