Jessica Chastain New Haircut 2012

Do you remember when I said before that it seems that 2012 means looking much hotter and stunning for the famous talented and gorgeous actress Jessica Chastain? You do! Then, I have to admit something which is that I was wrong. As I had to add more other words such as; newer, shocking…etc. I know that many of you are currently asking themselves many questions as; ‘What happens? What has made you say so?!’ and many others. Honestly, what makes me saying all of these words is the new haircut that Jessica has recently worn. Yup, ladies, she has cut her sparkling and glamorous long red hair locks which have charmed us since the beginnings of 2012 till now.

I know that there’re some of you who may say to themselves; ‘Okay, what’s the big deal? She’s done that before when she has opted for wearing a medium length bobbed hair!’. Women, I don’t want to shock you more, but i have to say it. Our beloved actress hasn’t opted for wearing any sort of the medium hairstyles, instead she has cut her hair short. I’m not deceiving you, you can take a look at the attached pictures below and see by yourselves that Chastain has sported a short cropped haircut. Saw it? Then, allow me to ask you what’s your opinion about it? Wait, don’t tell! It’s sort of or maybe definite shocking, but on the other hand, it’s awesome, attractive and stylish, yet so eye catching. Isn’t it?! I know that my reaction at the beginnings didn’t give you any clue or hint that I admire it. You may say that i loved to create an atmosphere full of suspense!!

Anyways, you have known which haircut our gorgeous star has recently debuted, but none of you asked me; ‘Why has she done such a thing?!’. Mostly, it has been said that she has done that because of the new film that she’s currently shooting. By the way, the name of the film is ‘The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby’ and it’s made of two parts which makes its names are; ‘The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby: His’ and ‘The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby: Hers’. I think that there’s nothing left for me to say. Wait, there’s! Yeah, some say that the new hairstyle that Chastain wears is nothing more than a convincible wig! But do you think that it’s? I guess that I’m going to conclude today’s topic with that question. So think about it and tell me your opinions….

Jessica Chastain New Haircut 2012 1

Jessica Chastain New Haircut 2012 2

Jessica Chastain New Haircut 2012 3

Jessica Chastain New Haircut 2012 4

Jessica Chastain New Haircut 2012 5

Jessica Chastain New Haircut 2012 6

Jessica Chastain New Haircut 2012 7

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