Jessica Alba New Hair Color 2012

Hello, pretties! Have you known that the gorgeous actress Jessica Alba has dyed her hair? Yeah, ladies, she’s truly done it! I know that not quite few number of you wouldn’t feel that a strange thing to hear about especially these recent days while there’re some others who would be definitely shocked. But whether you’re shocked or not, nothing is going to be changed, right? So let’s forget about that nonsense chat and get into the core of our topic. By the way, unlike usual, we’re going to mention when and why has Alba dyed her hair? And after that, we’re going to reveal what sort of colors has she opted for? Just said it to put you in the picture with us. Anyways, Jessica’s hair has been dyed since couple of days.

Okay, that was when, what about why? Ladies, I’ve not forgotten it, I’m about to say it. What’s made the charming actress to say goodbyes to her alluring brunette hair locks is her new role in the upcoming movie ‘Sin City 2’ and nothing more than that. So don’t believe anyone says that she’s done that to follow the leads of Miley Cyrus or even Kim Kardashian concerning making drastic hair makeovers. Oops, I guess that the smart ones of you have known what sort of hair colors Alba has opted for. Right? I can sense that! Whatever, let’s reveal it for those who haven’t figured it out. My precious ladies, Jessica has opted for dying her hair blonde. Yeah, blonde!

Let me tell you that she’s looking so gorgeous, sexy and eye catching wearing blond hair locks, at least that’s how I see her! Whether you agreed with me or not concerning that matter, you can’t disagree with me when i say that this new hair color is going to be a definite add to the actress’s hair lookbook of 2012. Now, excuse me, ladies, i have to go to bring you the details about another celebrity’s hair. So wait for me and don’t forget while doing so to take a look at the attached pictures below..

Jessica Alba New Hair Color 2012 5

Jessica Alba New Hair Color 2012 3

Jessica Alba New Hair Color 2012 2

Jessica Alba New Hair Color 2012 4

Jessica Alba New Hair Color 2012 1

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