Jessica Alba Hairstyles 2012

‘An endless charm and beauty!’; that’s one of the so many sentences that may come across your mind when you see how much glamorous and stunning the super star Jessica Alba has been since the start of 2012 till now. Of course, her hair has been a major part of all her charming looks and that’s why it’s going to be our topic today! Yup, my precious ladies, we’re going to take a look at how the famous actress has worn her long hair this year. So let’s not waste our time and start the real work! The first hairstyles that the gorgeous star has charmed us with are the down dos. By the way, some of or maybe, most of these down dos have been straight while the rest has been either wavy or loose curly. But to be honest with you, I have to say that the first styles can be considered the majority! Anyway, all of them had very sexy and awesome and i guess that’s what we care about! You have to know that sometimes, she has swept her hair at one side and letting it flows on one shoulder instead of two. Definitely, doing that has given her attractive and fabulous look.

Besides the down dos, she has also sported various styles of the ponytails. Some of these ponytail hairstyles have been either low, mid height or high, that’s concerning the placements. On the other hand, some of them have been straight, curly or even messy. But as expected, all of them have given her feminine, alluring and eye catching look. Oops, I forgot to tell you that she has accented one of her ponytail hairdos with a sweet and simple braid added at a side of her head. Since that i said the word ‘ braid’, i have to tell you that she has sported the side swept classic braids which have had soft, stunning and attractive look. How else has Jessica Alba worn her hair?, how else?, how else? Yeah, i remembered! Besides letting her long hair flowing down on her shoulders, braiding it or tying it in a pony, Jessica has been seen wearing a half up half down hairstyle which has had an awesome and soft look.

In addition to all of the last mentioned hairdos, the talented actress hasn’t forgotten to stun us more by wearing gorgeous and glamorous updos, but let me tell you that most of them have been buns! When you take a look at her updos lookbook, you can see various stunning styles of the buns as; loose, classic, law, high and mid height ones. I have to tell you that once she has been seen wearing an oversized bun which has had so chic look. Honestly, I fall in love with it! Anyway, besides the buns, she has sported other styles of the updo hairstyles as the bobby pinned ones which have also had fabulous and elegant, yet eye catching look. For sure, the same words can be said on all the hairstyles worn by Alba not just the updos. Mmm, I guess that that’s how we’re going to end our talk today! Ladies, now is the time to tell you goodbyes and go to explore how another star has worn her or his hair. So wait for me and don’t forget that while doing that to take a look at the attached pictures below. Who knows?, may you decide to imitate any of the hairdos. Whether you opt for that or not, wish you super stylish, awesome and eye catching look!

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