Jenny Packham 2013 Spring/Summer Bridal Collection

Jenny Packham 2013 Spring Summer Bridal Collection 01

Jenny-Packham-2013 Spring-Summer-Bridal-Collection_01

The Jenny Packham 2013 Spring/Summer Bridal Collection has a lovely vintage style. From empire waistlines to twisted gowns, the collection is beautiful. With a unique personality, the layered, off-the-shoulder, twisted gown is exquisite. Bunched over one shoulder, and pulled into a flower arrangement on the waist of the gown, the loosely folded skirt of the gown drapes to the floor. If you have an hourglass figure, Jenny Packham has a treat for you. The halter top, pleated, fitted gown creates an awesome silhouette which will hug your curves every step of the way down the aisle. If you want to see an excited groom, walk down the aisle to him in this dress – it will be a moment he will never forget. The 1930’s inspired long dress is wonderfully elegant, with horizontal embroidered lines that run to the floor. The gorgeous headpiece is outstanding and completes the look and this gown will ensure you are the “shimmering center of attention” as you walk down the aisle.

What is a wedding collection without the classic princess cut gown? Jenny Packham wonderfully provides a grown up version of the Disney Princess gown, with a deep V-neck. The gown has lovely embroidered clamps over the shoulders, while the bodice of the gown, pulled into an enchanting embroidery waistline, leads to a flair skirt and proves that fairytales come true after all. Layers and delicate ruffles, beautifully presented on the bare shoulder gown, with a layered bodice, are exquisite. The belted waistline of the dress, decorated with beautiful embellished flowers, leads to the skirt, which has delicate layers of ruffles. The gown with the empire waistline is wonderful and embellished as the skirt of the gown flows smoothly and flawlessly. What other reason do you need to float down the aisle than this? The Jenny Packham 2013 Spring/Summer Bridal Collection has a variety of styles and unique dresses that will leave a knowing smile on any bride’s face.

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Jenny-Packham-2013 Spring-Summer-Bridal-Collection_26

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