Jennifer Love Hewitt Hairstyles 2012

I don’t really know whether the words “extremely hot” and “elegant” are enough to describe how the famous actress Jennifer Love Hewitt has looked like since 2012 started or not! To be honest with you, I have to admit that absolutely they aren’t, but what shall I do? All of you know that if we decided to describe her, we would need at least four pages or something. I can sense that some of you are about to say; “have we come to discuss that matter?!” Of course not! Like usual, we’ve come to show off how Jenn has worn her tresses this year. Before doing so, I have to tell you two things. The first thing is that the actress’s hair has been long since the year started while the second one is that it has been either light or dark brunette.

Are you prepared to get charmed? Yes? If so, let’s begin the show, I mean the real work, our precious ladies! Wearing the sleek, straight flowing locks is what Hewitt has done most of the times during the year. That doesn’t mean that she’s forgotten to wear both of the soft wavy and loose, curly styles of them. Briefly, you can say that she’s sported the different styles of the down dos and all of them have made her look so spectacular and sexy, as well. The ponytails have been among the hairstyles that the “Ghost Whisperer” actress has opted for in 2012. Most, if not all, of her ponys have had that carefree, yet stylish and eye catching look.

The “I Know What You Did Last Summer” starlet has been seen wearing both the buns and half up-half down dos more this year. There’s something you need to know concerning the first ones, which is that they’ve been either mid height or high buns. Besides, the celeb has gone for braiding her long dark tresses. To be more specific, I have to tell you that she’s sported the braided pigtails and sideswept classic braid. Of course, you can imagine how much sweet and alluring our beloved star has looked like while wearing any of the last hairstyles.

Till the recent moment, you all know that Jennifer’s tresses have gone nowhere from being long and brunette since 2012 has started, right? Okay, let me tell you that there have been a couple of exceptions that happened. The first exception is that you can see the star wearing blonde locks this year. While the second one is that she’s sported a medium bob cut. I know that there’re some of you are about to tell us; “Are you joking?!” Actually, we’re not! The whole story is that the medium bob cut worn by her was of the faux style, and the blonde hair was just a wig. Now, I can tell you, our gorgeous fans, that we’re absolutely done! So goodbyes and wish you an amazing, spectacular and sexy look like Jennifer L. Hewitt or maybe better!

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