Jennifer Lawrence New Dark Brunette Hair Color for 2013

Jennifer Lawrence New Dark Brunette Hair Color for 2013

Do you remember the topic titled “Jennifer Lawrence New Hair Color 2013“? You know this one that has been recently published…. Remembered it? Yes? No? Anyway, just search the magazine and you are going to find it! Oops, I forgot what I wanted to say… Yeah, I remembered, I was about to tell you to forget about what this topic says… Why? As the stunning awards-winner star JLaw has shocked us with a hair color newer than the one mentioned in this topic.

You don’t believe that, right?! Okay, I know that it’s so shocking, especially after we saw the “Silver Linings Playbook” actress sparkling with her new sun-kissed blond tresses – which are like part of the past right now – at the 2013 Oscars. Anyways, aren’t you curious to know what this newly debuted hair color is?! Definitely, you are! Hence, let me tell you that Jennifer has dyed her blonde locks very, very dark brunette, or let’s say almost black!

Yup, ladies, she’s gone back to the dark side. What makes her do so?! Simply the answer is “Katniss Everdeen”, her character in The Hunger Games. I think that there is no reason more important than that. Actually, maybe there is. Whatever!! Now, tell us which color do you love more, blonde or brunette?!



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