Jennifer Connelly Cuts Off Her Long Hair into a Short Bob!!


Jennifer Connelly & short hair do not mix! This is what a lot of us (including me) have thought for many years. Well, that suddenly changed on June 11. Why? Just read the sentence again! Huh? Did you figure it out? Yeeesss, our smart readers, the “Stuck in Love” actress has taken the plunge: she chopped off her long brunette hair into a short cut, specifically a short, asymmetric bob.

Asymmetric? Bob? Has Connelly really done that? Yup. She has really done that! Why? Frankly, we don’t know. Maybe it’s for a new movie role. Maybe, like so many others, she felt that 2013 is the perfect year to update her look with a stylish short cut. Regardless of the reason, I have to admit that I’m a big fan of this drastic makeover. What about you? Oops, I should have waited til the end to ask that, shouldn’t I? Oh, well.


Anyway, the last thing you need to know about this switch is that Jennifer was spotted wearing her new above-the-chin–length bob haircut out and about in New York City on June 11. Now, you can answer the question, Stylishevers! Which was: Are you a big fan of Jenn’s bob or not?

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