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Jennifer Aniston is one of the most popular and glamorous Hollywood stars. Jennifer Aniston is considered to be an icon not only in Hollywood, but also in the fashion and beauty world.. Jennifer Aniston has that elegant, sleek and chic hair which many women wish to have. Since her appearance, Jennifer has a lot of different hairstyles and haircuts. Despite the versatility in her haircuts and styles, she has rarely changed her blonde hair color. Over many years, Jennifer has tended mostly to have all the different shades of the blonde hair color only. She hasn’t went for black or red for example!!!, she has always been blonde. One of the most famous hairstyle of Jennifer’s hairstyles is the Rachel hairstyle or her hair in the “Friends” series. That hairstyle has became very trendy after being worn by her.. The Rachel hairstyle is considered one of those medium straight layered hairstyles. Sometimes, waves or curls can be added to that sort of hairstyle. Jennifer’s Rachel hairstyle has some sort of big volume look in a nice and elegant way.. Year by year, Jennifer Aniston has very various and more gorgeous blonde hairstyles.. She has worn different hairstyles in her movies, in all the seasons of “Friends” series, in all her TV interviews and on the red carpets. Also, she has different haircuts but usually those haircuts are mostly varied between the longer, long and medium haircuts.. Jennifer has rarely worn short or very short haircuts.. Some of Jennifer’s hairstyles are the straight hairstyles, the curly hairstyles, the nice wavy hairstyles, the ponytails hairstyles, the braids hairstyles and also the Up-Dos hairstyles. Beside those, I can’t forget to mention the parting ; sided or centered; hairstyles and the bangs hairstyles. Why???, as Jennifer Aniston’s look always has either the bangs, been parted or even the both. Anyway, in all those hairstyles, Jennifer had, truly still has, blonde, sleek, elegant and chic hair.. Recently, Jennifer has got two looks which have shocked her fans, all the hairstylists and may be some of her co-stars too with her two and new hair dos. The first hairstyle which has made her audience in the shock mood, is her brunette look in the “Horrible Bosses” movie.. In that movie, Jennifer has broken her rules concerning her blonde hair and worn too chic dark brown sleek and wavy hairstyles.. The second hairdos which has made the shock goes bigger, is her long bob hairstyle which she has worn suddenly during Madrid tour for her film with Adam Sandler. Those last and recent hairstyles of Jennifer Aniston, have proved that none can either predict what Jennifer Aniston would do with her glamorous hair, what hair color would be??!! or what haircut would she have???!!.. Any way, whatever Jennifer Aniston wears for her hair, all the eyes and spotlights will be on her.. The number of women would love to emulate her hairstyles will increase, they all would like to look in the same glamorous, but stunning, may be spectacular, gorgeous way she has. I really me myself can’t find the suitable word that can describe either Jennifer Aniston’s hair or her whole look!!!!… But all I can say to any other women, Just Keep your eyes on “Jennifer Aniston” and if her hairstyles suit you, then emulate them.. Otherwise, you’ll just have to watch and enjoy!!!

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