Japanese Hairstyles for Women

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” 私のポストへの歓迎!!”. Okay. don’t think too much about what that sentence means. It means “welcome to my post”, but in Japanese!!. I wrote in Japanese, because of our topic today, it’s about the hairstyles for Japanese women… You can say that I’d take you in a virtual tour to the Japan and we shall discover all the hairstyles that the Japanese women may wear… The Japanese hairstyles for women are very well known by their cute, soft and elegant looks.. The Japanese hairstyles are very diverse and different. There are suitable for any woman with any age, hair color, hair texture and face shape.. Plus that they can suit any woman with any skin-color, can you understand that?!!. That means that the Japanese hairstyles for women can be worn by any woman all over the whole world, not just the Japanese women.. But you’ve to know that there’s an simple, tiny but important exception which is with “any woman”, I mean any woman who has the same hair nature of the Japanese women.. As, the Japanese women’s hair is known by its straightness and weight.. Okay, let’s move on to see the different hairstyles for the different haircuts. Unlike, the previous ancient ages of Japan when women had that very, very & very long haircut, nowadays Japanese women tend to cut their hair shortly to cope with the trends of fashion and with our speedy life.. Thus, there are many versatile and adaptive hairstyles for that short haircut… Those Japanese short hairstyles are based on making the face-framing to any woman with any face, just to appear the facial features of any woman in a cute and lovely way.. The most trendy and popular short hairstyles among the Japanese women are the Pixie-cut hairstyles.. But you can say that pixie cut hairstyles are little different from the regular or western pixie cut hairstyles. How?!, I’ll tell you those hairstyles depend using the front hair to create a long bang which can be left straight, curled or waved as you wish… Another trendy short hairstyle among the Japanese women are the bob hairstyles, they are very famous locally and globally too. Those Japanese bob hairstyles are also called the Asian bob hairstyles, as the same bob hairstyles are worn by the whole Asian globe!. You must always see those bob hairstyles with bangs!!, as they can’t live without the bangs.. You or the Japanese women can wear any style of the bob hairstyles like; the asymmetrical bob hairstyles, the inverted bob hairstyles or the blunt bob hairstyles. Those are beside the curly bob hairstyles, the wavy bob hairstyles or the straight bob hairstyles.. You can also see the Japanese women wearing the spiky short hairstyles, those hairstyles are very trendy among the girls and some adult women too.. There are various Japanese spiky hairstyles like; the Crown spiky hairstyles, the Mine spiky hairstyles and the Punk spiky hairstyles.. All of those spiky hairstyles are only different in the length of the hair, nothing more.. Okay, now we’re finished with the short hairstyles of the Japanese women.. Let’s go longer a little bit to see the Japanese hairstyles for the medium haircuts.. Globally, it’s well known that the medium hairstyles are very versatile and adaptive and since I’ve said globally it applies on the Japanese women… So, the Japanese women can wear any medium hairstyle from all over the world and just wear it and look in very glamorous and elegant way.. Okay, lastly comes the Japanese hairstyles for the women’s long haircuts… There are a lot of lovely, sweet, soft and glamorous long hairstyles for Japanese women.. Japanese women with long haircuts can wear; the loose straight hairstyles, the curly hairstyles, the wavy hairstyles, the ponytails hairstyles, the braids hairstyles and of course the formal Up do hairstyles.. By that you can see that there are many sexy, soft and glamorous hairstyles for the Japanese women or any women all over the world can wear them any where and at any time.. I think now I’ve to say “さようなら!” or “Bye!

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