January Jones New Hair Color 2012

January Jones New Hair Color 2012

It seems that we’re going to see many of our beloved female stars opting for you in the left days of 2012! Ladies, don’t freak out! I was just trying to make a small conversation with the chocolate brown hair color. What?! No, no, I mean that I was just trying to make a sort of simple and unique introduction to our topic and nothing more, but it has turned into a weird one! Anyways, I can tell that some of you, my smart readers, figured out what I’m about to say, didn’t you?! So yes, today’s topic is about another famous actress who has opted for dying her blonde hair locks brunette! Who is she? When has she made that drastic makeover? Why did we say another? These are the questions that we’re going to answer right now. Concerning the first one, you need to know that the star whom we’re talking about is January Jones. We’ve all seen her shuffle between different colors earlier this year. In March, she wore blonde hair with light pink highlights and after a few months, specifically in June, she debuted fiery red hair then she returned back to the blonde hair and nowadays, she’s a brunette. All of these color changes make us say that January is one of the 2012 hair chameleons!! On the other hand, concerning the second question, which was when, you need to know that the “The Mad Men” star has been seen debuting chocolate brown tresses while hanging out with her little son, Xander, a few days ago. By reaching that far, I can tell you that we’re done, my precious readers. Wait, I forgot to answer the third question! I said the word ‘another’, as there are other female celebs who have debuted this color recently like Demi Lovato, Elisabeth Moss, etc. Now, I can say that we’re officially done. So goodbyes and see you later!


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