Jamie Alexander Has Bobbed Her Hair!!


Ha! I get it! The bob is the coolest HAIRSTYLE of 2013! What convinced me? Ladies, what a foolish question! Have you not noticed how many female celebrities have gone for it since this year began? About 7, 10, 15, or maybe more, and the number is increasing day by day! Yes, indeed, it is. I suppose that some of you are about to tell me to hold on a second. You’re going to ask, “NOW, who has bobbed her hair?” All right, ask… Sigh. Gorgeous Jaimie Alexander has done it this time.


The “Kyle XY” actress? None other. Jaimie has completely ditched her glam long style for a more youthful and fashionable short layered bob. What a drastic makeover, right? Du-uh! The 29-year-old star showed off her new haircut at the Los Angeles special screening of Millennium Entertainment’s “The Iceman” at ArcLight Hollywood on April 22. (If you read that she unveiled it at the premiere of Iron Man 3 on April 24, don’t believe it. It was already out by then.) Now, tell us: Do you think Alexander’s short hair is hot or not?


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