Jaden Smith New Hair Color 2013

Jaden Smith New Hair Color 2013 1

Yes guys, you’ve read it correctly!! The American teen rapper and actor Jaden Smith has chosen to update his 2013’s style lookbook with a new ….. hair color. What are the dots for? Simply, I put them because I don’t know how to describe the young star’s new hair. Should I say “Ohhh, it’s stylish and rocking” or “Oops, it’s totally ………… you know!”So, I think that the best solution is to let you fill this blank space with the words you want….

The “Karate Kid” actor has gone for a two-toned hair color. What? Need more description? Okay. The top of Jaden’s head is blonde while the rest of it is still black. Edgy, isn’t it?! Of course, it is! By now, you’ve known the colors of hair dyes Jad has opted for, right? So what are you waiting for, our precious readers?! Start filling the blank space and tell us what you think of this hair coloring.

Jaden-Smith-New- Hair-Color-2013_1

Jaden-Smith-New- Hair-Color-2013_2

Jaden-Smith-New- Hair-Color-2013_4

Jaden-Smith-New- Hair-Color-2013_3

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