Italian Kitchen Layout Ideas by Lago

italian kitchen

The designer Daniele Lago has presented at the Milan Fair his latest evolution dedicated to the kitchen with its modular storage system 36e8. The declared objective by Lago is to revolutionize kitchen designs and create volumes “non-kitchen” as said by the designer. 36e8 system is based on a grid of 36.8 cm square, which allows flexibility and liberty of forms. Finished with lacquer and fashionable colored glass, the kitchen looks attractive and aesthetically original. All imaginable forms can be applied, whether abstract or inspired by nature, taking the shape of animals, trees, or clouds. With Lago monolithic kitchens that all look the same when they are ended. These kitchens are ideal as part of a contemporary interior with an open kitchen; It would become the major and essential element of the home decoration. Modules which their dimensions are multiples of 36.8 centimeters are made of lacquered wood with glossy or mat glass fronts, worktops are also made of highly resistant stained glass. The kitchen is completed by cabinets from the N.O.W program to hide larger items such as refrigerators. These items are available in the same colors of glass used to create facades with a variegated color. Thanks to its ability to be suspended, the kitchen can be positioned at the height you want, even with multiple shots at different heights. According to the available space, you can play with 3 different depths, singly or mixed. For example, using a depth below the base units will free up space for more work. You can take the opportunity to combine different colors on the worktop. Lago base cabinets are equipped with a push-pull system, Even if your hands are full, just push with the leg to open a drawer; simple and practical. With 23 choices of attractive colors, you can create an amazing kitchen; contemporary, stylish and functional.

36e8 italian kitchen 136e8 italian kitchen 236e8 italian kitchen 336e8 italian kitchen 436e8 italian kitchen 536e8 italian kitchen 636e8 italian kitchen 7

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