Italian Futuristic Kitchen Design With LED Lights

Kitchen Design

Inspired by plain wind, the popular Italian manufacturer Toncelli presents a luxurious kitchen design with a sign of futurism. The modern Italian design is available in two options: with or without an island. The elegant island which is 84cm high is attached to a built-in dining area. It has a 72cm cooking area plus 3cm for working area. Those are made of natural stone. You can choose between wood and metal materials for kitchen cabinets or you can combine them together. If you are looking for a modern and futuristic look, then go for the metal choice. A special touch of Toncelli: the hood with automatic positioning hidden behind the elegant marble panel is having an LED backlight to complete the futuristic and luxurious atmosphere. The kitchen is one of those stainless steel designs which are used usually for a modern, elegant & stylish look.

futuristic kitchen design toncelli 1futuristic kitchen design toncelli 2futuristic kitchen design toncelli 3futuristic kitchen design toncelli 4futuristic kitchen design toncelli 5futuristic kitchen design toncelli 6futuristic kitchen design toncelli 7

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