Isabella Cruise New Hair Color 2013

Isabella Cruise New Hair Color 2013 1

Okay… Just allow me to refresh my memory. You went orange in January, then lilac in February and now you go green in March!!! Would you please tell me what’s going on with you?! Is it a new color per month, or what?! No, no, my dear readers, I’m not talking about you at all, I mean that ‘you’ doesn’t refer to you dears. Okay, I guess it’s better for me to stop this nonsense argument and reveal the whole story. Ladies, do you know Isabella Cruise? Of course, you do, she is Mr. Cruise and Mrs. Kidman’s daughter. What has she done? Actually, the 20-year-old celeb has done nothing other than dying her short pixie for the third time since 2013 started.

What?!! Is her stylish purple pixie gone?! Yes, ladies, she has ditched her lilac tresses for vibrant green ones, and that’s what I was trying to tell you from the beginnings. I know that a lot of us – including me – feel so shocked, but don’t you think that Isabella still looks cute and stylish?! Anyway, the last thing you need to know about Bella’s makeover is that she’s revealed it on her Twitter account. Okay, that’s it, my dear readers! Now, you can feel free and tell us in the comments what you really think of this bold hair color.

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