Isabella Cruise Dyes Hair Blonde

Isabella Criuse New Blonde Hair Color 2013 1


Ladies and Gentlemen, let’s welcome the new Isabella Cruise!! New?! Has she had a plastic surgery?! Nope, she hasn’t done such a thing! I know that you’re going to ask me, “If so, why did you say welcome the new Isabella?!” I said so because Bella has debuted a new hair color which is more spectacular than the orange, lilac and green shades she wore earlier this year.

What is it?! Hmm… It is BLONDE, my precious readers!! Yep, the 20-year-old celeb has traded her vibrant green locks for bright blonde ones which look so sexy and stunning. If you don’t believe me, take a glimpse at the attached pictures. I just want to warn you that at the first glance you might think that you are looking at Miley Cyrus not Bella Cruise!! Oh No, beauties! I’m not kidding you. The whole story is that the teen celeb has pulled off Cyrus’ hue.. Well, let me be more specific and tell you that Isabella hasn’t pulled only the hue, but the whole hairdo. You can say that she has been inspired by Miley or something!


Anyway, Ms. Cruise unveiled her newly dyed shortlocks on her Twitter account, on May 22, posting a couple of pictures with a caption, “@felixkunze we officially match now #shorthairbuds” Stylishevers: Which one of the 4 hair colors, debuted by Bella since 2013 started, do you love most; orange, lilac, green or blonde?

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