Isabella Cruise Debuts a Red Buzz Haircut!!

Isabella Cruise Debuts a Red Buzz Haircut 01


Guess who may be competing with Rihanna for the title “Greatest Hair Chameleon of 2013”? Any suggestions, dear readers? No? Then, let me say it myself, as usual. It’s Isabella Cruise. Why her? Well, the daughter of Nicole Kidman & Tom Cruise has been experimenting with hair color during all of 2013. She started the year with an orange bob, which she turned into a lilac pixie in February. Then this short crop was dyed vibrant green, then it was bleached, and then the green-bleach cycle was repeated.


Now she’s rocking a bright red buzz cut. Red buzz what? Ladies, you read it right. Isabella, who has been living for the past few months in London where she’s attending art school, ditched her blonde (or was it green at the time?) pixie cut in favor of a red shaved look. She debuted this new effect while celebrating her 21st birthday with her DJ brother, Connor Cruise, at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, on Dec. 24. Connor unveiled his sister’s new cut by posting to Instagram a picture of them enjoying a rollercoaster with friends. The photo’s caption was, “Safe to say Disney World was a blast.”


Now, Stylisheves, tell us: What do you think of Ms. Cruise’s new bright red buzz? Do you dig it or despise it? Show off in the comments!

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