Isabel Lucas Debuts a Cute Pixie Haircut!

Isabel Lucas Debuts Cute Pixie Haircut 1


It’s official: The Pixie is the most popular short hairstyle these days. What makes me think so? That’s the question that you’re about to ask, isn’t it, Precious Reader? Let me answer it. I think so because in the space of just a couple of weeks we saw Beyonce, Coco Rocha, and Isabel Lucas swap their glamorous, sexy long locks—which a lot of us, maybe all of us, loved—for pixie cuts. Too many shocks, eh?


What? Yes, I said Isabel Lucas. The Red Dawn actress has followed in the footsteps of Beyonce, Rocha, Miley Cyrus, and how many others, and chopped her long blonde do into a short pixie. Can you imagine? Save your time and see for yourself! She looks so soft, so cute, and you could even say angelic.

Isabel revealed her brand new hairdo on the white carpet of the InStyle Summer Soiree at the Mondrian Hotel in West Hollywood. Tell us, Stylisheves: Do you think this short crop is fab or fug? Now, think about this: Who will be the next star to join the “Pixie is Sexy” club in 2013?

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