Interior Decoration Ideas with Markers

Interior Decoration Ideas

The classic decorating style always matches with gift shops because it creates a delicate atmosphere and a very elegant look. The more interesting is the usage of “the modern old style” in decoration which is characterized by a combination between the glamour of the classic style and the simplicity of the modern style, the result is a very original décor; up-to-date but wrapped by a sophisticated old look. In this gift shop design, we can see that the designer used the white color as a base for the whole decoration; with some light black markers, he could create a very stylish and modern look while keeping the prestige of the classic style which is represented in sophisticated designs for furniture, crown molders, curved borders…etc. Another representation for the “Modern old style” in this model is those attractive chandeliers which are combining between a contemporary cubic design and an elegant classic pattern. This decoration can absolutely attract customers to enter in this glorious and, at the same time, very fashionable gift shop.

SNAG 0000

SNAG 0001

SNAG 0002

SNAG 0003

SNAG 0004

SNAG 0004

SNAG 0006

SNAG 0007

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