Insolence Fragrance by Guerlain

Guerlain’s liberating fragrance with a fruity floral mix that will make you feel your femininity in new dimensions, a collection of Insolence fragrance in different shapes that all give you the same fragrance you love & makes you desired but in different twists. Insolence fragrance is all about daring & inspiring by liberating you from any restrains, so show your strength while you’re going to work or going on a date, this fragrance is best for day time activities & summer time for its lightweight & summery fragrance that were created by Serge Mansau. Insolence range gives you Insolence extract that has the pure insolence fragrance with the top notes of raspberry, bergamot, red berries & lemon, then blended with the middle notes of orange blossom, violet & rose, & based with the notes of iris, resins, sandalwood, tonka bean, & musk, which all gives it the radiant burst of fragrances, & those notes are the basic notes the give Insolence its surprising sensuality, you’ll also find the same exact notes in the Insolence eau de toilette.

You’ll find in Insolence collection; body care items that come with the mix of notes that distinguished Insolence fragrance, the body care collection gives you Insolence Shimmering Body Milk, Insolence Sparkling Shower Gel, & Insolence radiant Body Cream. Guerlain added a different flavor to their Insolence fragrance range by giving you Insolence eau de parfum that has the soul of Insolence but with a higher voltage, all made from the top note of red berries, middle notes of iris, African orange flower, & violet, then based with the notes of sandalwood, woodsy notes & tonka bean, which all give Insolence eau de parfum a more concentrated fragrance than the Insolence eau de toilette. Later on, in 2009, Guerlain released a new Insolence creation; Insolence Icy Fragrance or Insolence eau glacee, which has a feathery weight with a zesty flavor, made from the notes of green apple, citruses, red berries, iris, & violet petals, this way you’ll have a chilling sweet aroma.

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