Contemporary Summit House In Beverly Hills by Whipple Russell Architects

Sharp Innovative Contemporary Summit House In Beverly Hills By Whipple Russel Architects 01


A lesson well taken from architectural cubism, this contemporary styled manse in Beverly Hills California embraces all the amenities to enjoy an affluent sustainable lifestyle. The first on the block to be designated under the city’s green development ordinance, Whipple Russell Architects continues to establish themselves with their trendsetting design on the Summit House project. For a little under 30 years, Marc Whipple’s architectonic dream has thrived in the Southern California market, and it is a little wonder why they were commissioned to bring this homeowners’ fantasy to the light of a sunny energy efficient day.


Efficacious glass enclosures mark the unpretentious esthetic necessary to pull off this modern natural habitat with sloping green hills and neutral exterior. The reflective quality on the walls allow for full use of natural lighting during the day, and privacy at night. Additionally, being a “smart” home, the owners are given the use a pc central control system that allows them to set the shade levels on the exposures throughout the home.



The textures and planes in this design lend character to the neutral palette that distinguishes the artistic quality of this project.


Fire pits at poolside with a massive floral metal sculpture serve to strengthen the innovative quality of this design.

Side Note: Saatchi & Saatchi Los Angeles designed similar solar flower installations for the 2010 Prius Harmony campaign.



The interior of the home continues our high-tech journey through the hills of Beverly. Blue and red accents are extremely appealing against the grayscale color pattern. All through the home, the design team was able to mirror the characteristics of the existing wall art. An energetic and warm element is so extensively present that hard lines are not known to provide.



Medium natural wood elevates the common areas and walkways, and bind together the efficiency of the arrangement. It is said that the homeowners desired to nurture the familial bond in Whipple Russell Architecture’s composition, and while there are many moving pieces and a variety of home space, the architects were able to affirm that desire.




The pattern of the floral structure at poolside is repeated in the coffee table in the main seating area. Varying degrees of gray do not compete with the pop of primary colors from the existing art pieces, and each shade works with a sunny day or an overcast day that calls for hot cocoa by the fire.


High dark ceilings keep the warmth of the home, and crystalline walls admit the welcomed hues of the outdoors.



The eating area shows off a deeper delve into the nurturing earthen tones of walnut. Clean lines and modern accents provide for abundant living in exquisite surrounding. The play on texture showcases the whimsical aspect necessary for any abode. We find leather, smooth wood, bubbled lighting, rough; hard; matte; and soft textures, as well as flowers that titillate our sensations in a pleasant way.


The shade control becomes conveniently accessible, when the exterior wall of the master bedroom is made up of crystal clear glass. Contemporary in design, but humble at heart, the master bedroom houses a capacious seating area with a good view of the swivel flat screen television atop a beautiful urbane chest.


The master bath reinforces the immaculate geometric esthetic of the house. Modern fixtures, and contemporary hues and lines make for a pristine private space.


Beside the bowling alley is a breathtaking underwater view of the topside pool. The entire layout is family friendly, and keeps in mind age appropriate fun. Whether it’s just the family, or friends, everyone is sure to have a good time.



Home offices are a must these days, and a layout that includes one in the plan plays well. The lines remain sleek, and the seriousness of the slate gray walls is echoed by wood choice. While there are a lot of distractions to be had in the home, there is none here which certainly saves the allure of the outdoors.



The relaxing private areas should never be less energetic than the common areas. Kiwi or silver gray flooring brings a calming force in a bedroom space. Shelving allows for functionality, and small seating areas take care of the transitioning section of the room.


The guest bathroom is simple, and chic with all of the necessary elements to provide hospitality. While the neutral color scheme is free from any accent color, the variety of textures still holds interest.

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