Innovative Bathroom Washbasins and Sinks by Alicrite

Awesome bathromm washbasins

If you want to create a unique look in your bathroom, you may be interested in this collection called Washtrend from Alicrite; it contains a variety of original washbasins in unusual shapes to decorate any contemporary bathroom and bring to it a stylish and innovative look. There is the silver washbasin in a cylindrical shape which comes freestanding and can easily fit in modern bathrooms; it looks original but it’s not very practical in fact because it takes a vertical space without usage. Another model is the round deep sink which is taking the shape of a half ball stand on a simple top with a faucet integrated in the wall; this one is more practical as it doesn’t take much space so it can fit in small bathrooms and it’s also trendy and fashionable with a minimalist design without details and a simple white color. The last model is equally stylish and original in a simple geometric design; a simple rectangular sink in wood finishes on a bigger rectangular top in grey color with a small faucet integrated in the wall.

Awesome bathromm washbasins Washtrend by Alicrite 1

Awesome bathromm washbasins Washtrend by Alicrite 2

Awesome bathromm washbasins Washtrend by Alicrite 3

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