Injured Deer Starts Unlikely Friendship With a Kitten

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An Injured Deer Meets a Kitten and the Internet Raves About It

The best friendships are the most unlikely ones. And in spite of what people believe about animals, they do have feelings. They are capable of loving unconditionally. We know you’re thinking about your dog. This post is not about dogs. All animals can be cute and loving. It’s not just dogs who can form great bonds with other unlikely animals. Just like when this adorable golden retriever met baby chicks for the first time. Let’s see this new video of two unlikely animals bonding and having an amazing friendship. One little kitten met a little, injured deer, and netizens simply lost their minds over it. The video is simply one of the cutest things you’ll see today.

Image Credit: TheMarzinka

Let’s see how they met. A wildlife rehabilitation center in Texas is a great place for animals to meet. They rescued a little deer with a leg injury. They called the little deer “Snowflake.” Snowflake saw a little kitten there and soon they became the best of friends. Their video speaks volumes about the compassion and love animals are capable of giving. They do have hearts and souls. They just can’t express their feelings the way humans do. The little deer started licked the baby kitten and the kitten licked back. [h/t: the open mind]

It’s a great story. We wish the little deer a speedy recovery. With great friendship and companionship, their time at the rehabilitation center is going to be so much easier. Enough talking about it, the injured deer and kitten’s video is adorable and it’s time you see it for yourself.

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