Incredible 16 Month-Old Baby Swims Like a Mermaid [Video]

16 Month Old Baby Swims Like a Mermaid

You may have noticed one of our posts before about a remarkable 7-month-old floating baby who was being taught Infant Swimming Resource (ISR). In that article we also mentioned that babies had an inbuilt ability to swim when they are born, but that as they grow, that natural ability disappears and the ability to swim has to be re-taught. Well with this remarkable girl, Elizabeth, who is only 16 months old, she seems to be on the cusp. She seems to be able to float naturally and to use the ISR technique, and is also able to swim in a ‘taught’ as opposed to instinctive manner. The first thought that goes through your mind when you see this incredible feat is how great it must be as parents to know that such a young child would likely survive unharmed if she fell into a pool. Believe it or not, the ISR technique can be taught to babies from an age of 6 months upwards and is quite remarkable.

If ISR is new to you, have a look at Elizabeth at 33sec. on the video when, half way across the pool, she flips onto her back to catch her breath. That is the SLR she has been taught as it is easier for a baby to breathe on their back than when floating face down. Babies at that age are too young to understand spoken instruction, so ISR is taught instinctively instead. Elizabeth really is quite an incredible girl though as there is absolutely no sign of fear or concern on her face. In addition, unlike most ‘kids’ her age when in a pool, she hasn’t got arm bands to keep herself afloat. She is doing that all on her own and clearly having lots of fun while doing it. We think this video should be compulsory viewing for anyone with a pool and a baby as even if it saved just one life, it would have been well worth it and made Elizabeth an even more remarkable baby.

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