IKEA Socker Greenhouse

The amazing manufacturers in IKEA are always giving much thought to all what’s necessary. They deeply think about everything and come up with new ideas that satisfy all people in various aspects. This is one of their great inventions that will be truly useful for a lot of people. IKEA presents you socker, which is a small greenhouse that makes you grow the plants you want wherever you want. Socker is a small green house that comes in a transparent color to help you see your plants through it. Socker allows you add your small plants inside of it, and it gives them the suitable environment to grow. Socker has top vents in case you want to keep them a little open to allow some air pass into the greenhouse to reduce the temperature. Socker is made of polystyrene, whereas its frame is made of steel, powder coating. This idea is really smart and helps a lot of people especially urban gardeners or people who love to grow plants but don’t have the suitable environment for that. Socker greenhouse by IKEA doesn’t occupy much space and looks really decorative. Socker greenhouses can be put on a small table, or even at any corner of any room.

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