IKEA Mattresses

IKEA Mattresses

Since we all care so much about getting a really comfortable mattress that ensures a good night’s sleep and one that we can count on for years, IKEA offers great Mattresses that you should really consider if you are about to buy a new mattress. IKEA’s mattresses are well known and widely loved by everyone; they provide maximum comfort along with the best quality. IKEA present different types of mattresses to choose what you prefer. You can find foam mattresses, latex mattresses, spring mattresses, and even slatted bed bases.

If you are a fan of foam mattresses, then IKEA will amaze you with its great ones. They are available in different widths, and you can find one that combines between foam and latex, and mattresses that are made of memory foam, as well. Memory foam mattresses are modern, and everyone is using them nowadays. IKEA foam mattresses come with 25 year limited warranty. Memory foam mattresses are considered the most comfortable type of mattresses available.

IKEA memory foam mattresses 1

IKEA memory foam mattresses 2

IKEA memory foam mattresses 3

IKEA memory foam mattresses 4

IKEA memory foam mattresses 5

Latex mattresses are also available at IKEA; they are eco-friendly and very healthy, but might not offer as much comfort as memory foam mattresses, but are definitely much durable. IKEA offers two latex mattresses where one of them is made from natural latex and is therefore much more expensive. IKEA latex mattresses will relieve your stresses.

IKEA latex mattresses 1

IKEA latex mattresses 2

Now going for the standard type of mattresses widely known for a long type, IKEA also offers Spring Mattresses for people who love them. IKEA presents spring mattresses that come in various dimensions and heights. Spring and coil mattresses offered by IKEA provide total support for your body, but many people think that they are not comfortable and cause pressure on the body.

IKEA Spring Mattresses 1

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Even if you have a slatted bed, IKEA didn’t forget to offer you Slatted Bed Bases. These slatted bed bases can be firm or adjustable to take the shape that you want. Slatted bed bases offered by IKEA are made of wood to give you the best quality. If you want more options, one of the slatted bed bases comes with an electric motor with a remote control that allows you to adjust the head and leg sections.

IKEA slatted bed bases 1

IKEA slatted bed bases 2

IKEA slatted bed bases 3

IKEA slatted bed bases 4

IKEA slatted bed bases 5

Of course, in order to enjoy maximum comfort and get the best out of your mattress, you should consider buying one of IKEA Mattress Bases. You can see different foundations that come in various sizes to see what fits into your bed and is suitable for your mattress.

IKEA mattress bases 1

IKEA mattress bases 2

IKEA mattress bases 3

IKEA mattress bases 4

Check these IKEA Mattress Pads that allow you to protect your mattress and ensure that you keep it clean and maintain its quality for a long time. IKEA mattress pads are made of comforting materials like memory foam or natural latex to ensure the best stress relief and comfort. IKEA also presents Mattress Protectors which are waterproof and prevent any liquid from passing through to the mattress itself. Pillow protectors are also available for your pillows to prevent them from getting dirty or stained.

IKEA Mattress Pads 1

IKEA Mattress Pads 2

IKEA Mattress Pads 3

IKEA Mattress Pads 4

Finally, check out these Bed Legs also offered by IKEA and see what you need.

IKEA Bed Legs 1

IKEA Bed Legs 2

IKEA Bed Legs 3

IKEA Bed Legs 4

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