IKEA Living Room Storage Furniture: Sideboards, Buffets, and Sofa Tables

Since the living room is the room where we spend most of our time, and do a lot of stuff like read, relax, watch TV, and more, then we need various pieces of furniture that serve for lots of purposes. IKEA presents you different solutions for living room storage including sideboards, sofa tables, and buffets. Each one of these is very important in any living room and has a different purpose.

Sofa tables are, of course, a complementary part of any living set. You don’t just put your sofas or arm chairs and that’s it. A sofa table is a must so that you can put a plate, cup, a flower vase or whatever you like. IKEA presents various Sofa Tables that are also practical at the same time where they come with shelves, one or more according to your needs, so that you can store books, magazines, or whatever you want. IKEA’s side tables are made of wood to give them a chic style and make them handle much usage. A side table can have a veneered surface to be smooth and chic.

IKEA Living Room Storage Furniture 1

IKEA Living Room Storage Furniture 2

IKEA Living Room Storage Furniture 3

IKEA Living Room Storage Furniture 4

Sideboards are really useful in the living room, as well. They can be added anywhere and give you great storage spaces using their drawers, and a surface that can be greatly used to put dishes, cups, or anything you want. Side boards can include shelves, or drawers, or both that come with handles for ease of opening. Some designs have glass doors for a decorative display touch.

IKEA sideboards 1

IKEA sideboards 2

IKEA sideboards 3

IKEA sideboards 4

IKEA sideboards 5

Buffets are also available at IKEA to store dishes, cups, cutlery, and more. They include drawers and cabinets, and can have wood or glass doors.

IKEA Buffets 1

IKEA Buffets 2

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