IKEA Living Room Armchair-beds

We’ve been all used to the idea of having a sofa-bed in our living rooms; they are very practical and have been useful for all those who use it. Another very convenient piece of furniture that’s just like a sofa-bed is the armchair-bed. Armchair-beds give you the same idea achieved by a sofa-bed; it looks like a regular armchair placed in your living room, but can be converted into a bed when needed. IKEA is one of the best companies to present armchair-beds, and we are presenting you here their latest collection. IKEA’s armchair-beds come mostly in white to add them easily in your living room no matter what its color or style is. They can also have wheels which is something really smart because this way, it becomes very easy to move this armchair-bed anywhere you want, or maybe even take it out of the living room when you don’t need it and need free space. IKEA also offers chair-bed covers that make you cover the chair-bed and make it look like a regular chair. These covers are also useful because they protect the chair and keep it away from dirt or stains. In addition, you’ll find a storage box for the chair bed which can be placed under it where you can store pillows or covers.

IKEA Living Room Armchair beds 1

IKEA Living Room Armchair beds 2

IKEA Living Room Armchair beds 3

IKEA Living Room Armchair beds 4

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