IKEA Bedroom Designs for 2013

Continuing with the amazing release from IKEA 2013 catalog, we present you various bedroom designs offered. Bedrooms have a special touch this release; you can see the richness that, at the same time, is shown through simple designs. Color matching is really important in these bedroom designs, making a homogeneous atmosphere that helps in making the bedroom comfortable and cozy. Fancy bedding is really obvious in almost all of the designs; you can see rich, heavy fabrics, and also many prints that make the bedding really eye catching. Floral, striped, checked, waves, circles, and more are all beautiful bedding prints. Some rooms come in a really soft design and in only plain colors; these rooms are really simple, but the use of a pop color touch in the room makes it astounding. If you really love colors, then you’ll love these bedrooms. IKEA offers this time bedrooms in great colors. Some designs include purple walls and printed bedding in matching colors and grey also is also widely seen while being matched with great colors like pink which makes the rooms perfect. Some smart ideas are used to give you more storage space in your bedroom, like having drawers at the bottom of the bed; this idea utilizes a large unused space and gives you great storage space. Wall shelves are also very important and help in storing your stuff.

ikea bedroom designs 2013 1

ikea bedroom designs 2013 2

ikea bedroom designs 2013 3

ikea bedroom designs 2013 4

ikea bedroom designs 2013 5

ikea bedroom designs 2013 6

ikea bedroom designs 2013 7

ikea bedroom designs 2013 8

ikea bedroom designs 2013 9

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