IKEA Bathroom Designs for 2013

We all want to have perfect bathrooms that are well designed, totally comfortable and pleasing. A chic bathroom is something that everyone seeks. IKEA presents you great bathrooms designs for 2013 that you’ll really love. As usual, IKEA offers designs with amazing ideas and decorations that end up with a really smart and beautiful design. One of the designs is extremely fancy and chic; it is made of black and white which gives you a really sophisticated style and makes the perfect contrast, a bathtub is added in the center of the bathroom which is something really new, but you’ll certainly love this idea. Black and white square tiles cover the floor which makes an eye catching style in the bathroom, and black furniture gives the bathroom a lot of style. Grey also looks fantastic in bathrooms, and the overall look is really chic. The designs are all modern, chic, and functional. You can see sink vanities that include drawers to store your bathroom stuff, and for more storage, shelves are also found to keep your towels and more. If you have a small bathroom, then it is better to go for bright colors like white which widens the space, and maybe add a colored bathroom curtain to add a cheerful accent. White ceramic tiles look great when used on the walls of bathrooms, and match very well with different colors, like a bathroom that is totally made of white, but includes red bathroom vanities, and red baskets to keep bathroom stuff. This passionate touch of red makes the bathroom marvelous.

ikea bathroom designs 2013 1

ikea bathroom designs 2013 2

ikea bathroom designs 2013 3

ikea bathroom designs 2013 4

ikea bathroom designs 2013 5

ikea bathroom designs 2013 6

ikea bathroom designs 2013 7

ikea bathroom designs 2013 8

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