IKEA 2013 Catalog

It’s finally here! Many of us have been waiting for IKEA’s final release, so here you are! As usual, IKEA keeps amazing us with its amazing, high quality furniture that looks simple but great enough to make a great design. IKEA 2013 catalog gathers everything you want, not only for bedrooms, but for the whole house. Marvelous new ideas and colors are presented that go more with today’s lifestyle, many designs are really smart and show how this company understands people’s needs. The first thing that you will notice about this collection is that it is really cheerful and soft which gives a chic style to all pieces. Printed cushions and pop colored furniture and furnishings are amazing and bring rooms to life. If you have a plain arm chair, bed, or sofa, then see how the total look changes just by adding a printed cushion that can be dotted, striped, or floral with beautiful matching or contrasting colors.

Also, if you love bright and soft styles, you’ll find white sofas for your living room that come with white cushions, as well. This style looks really neat but requires special care. A side table comes with a very smart design, where it includes storage spaces to keep your stuff without making a mess in a way that makes all of your stuff in front of your eyes. Shabby chic styles are also available and have their lovers for the simple yet amazing style they give especially when they come in white. Wall mount shelving units and wall shelves are really important in all houses and give you lots of storage spaces for your books, and a lot of other stuff, they also add a decorative style to the room, and that’s why IKEA releases great shelving units that come with smart and beautiful designs that gather all your stuff and look very eye-catching. Luxury bedding is seen, and various prints give life to the room and make the bed so beautiful, where the colors of the rest of the furniture and the furnishings complement the overall look of the rooms making them perfecta and cozy.

Kids will just love IKEA 2013 catalog. A lot of fun, cheerful, and cute ideas are out there waiting for them, kids’ rooms are just adorable with simple, and cute furniture. Their beds are simple, and even wall shelves look cute, and the colors are very soft and suitable for kids. Some kids’ rooms are just crazy and come in many pop colors. Kitchens come in modern designs that supply you with all what you want, give you many storage spaces through cabinets, drawers, and shelves, and at the same time give you enough space to move around in your kitchen. IKEA kitchens come in many colors to choose what really appeals to you, and you can see some eye catching prints in some touches like the table cloth and the curtains that come with beautiful black and white prints, and bold, black crockery was used along with other black decorative items to complete the whole style. Even bathrooms look amazing and unique; a chic bathtub placed in the middle of the bathroom makes the whole ambiance relaxing and chic.

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