Iceberg Twice Perfume for Men

When it’s a great perfume, you will just know it even from a small sniff. Twice Pour Homme is one of the best fragrances ever, loved by all men and one of Iceberg’s best releases. Twice Pour Homme is a unique great perfume that you will never regret having; it will make you very fresh and clean with an attractive smell that cannot go unnoticed. People will keep complimenting you for this aroma all the time. Twice Pour Homme was launched by Iceberg in 1995, but you can never call it an old fragrance, it keeps being one of your favorites by time and you will always want to have it. Twice Pour Homme combines the top notes of yuzu, mint and lemon; middle notes of carnation, cinnamon, lavender, tarragon, caraway and geranium; and base notes of lime, sandalwood, amber, patchouli, musk, vanilla and vetiver. Twice comes in a unique attractive transparent bottle showing the color of the fragrance. This spicy fresh masculine fragrance is perfect in the morning through the day for a great smell all day long.

Twice Pour Homme Fragrance for Men by Iceberg 11

Twice Pour Homme Fragrance for Men by Iceberg 2

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