Hydromassage Bathtub For Relaxation by Stas Doyer

Hydromassage bathtub

Hydromassage is a kind of hydrotherapy which is a treatment system that not only provides relaxation and tranquility but also can relieve muscle tensions and pains. People usually pay a lot of money to have a hydromassage in a health center or a spa, what if you could enjoy this relaxing hydromassage every morning in your home! L’Alizee can make this happen. L’Alizee is a high performance automatic hydromassgae bathtub designed by Stas Doyer that is able to make you enjoy a relaxing and soft experience and renew your mood every morning. The bathtub is equipped with 180 nozzles that distribute water and 50 other ones that create bubbles to give the massage effect, also with a touch sensitive computerized screen that allows you a very easy usage. With its automatic rinsing and draining system, the bathtub is very practical and easeful. Stas Doyer combined all these advantages of the hydromassage bathtub in a fashionable and beautiful design. Colored by white with purple, it looks so pretty and shining. By owning such bathtub you can benefit from relaxation and wellness in your home, and even if it is rather expensive it would be for sure cheaper than going to a spa every day.

Nice Hydromassage bathtub L’Alizee by Stas Doyer 1

Nice Hydromassage bathtub L’Alizee by Stas Doyer 2

Nice Hydromassage bathtub L’Alizee by Stas Doyer 3

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