How to Use the Kitchen Storage in Decoration

Kitchen Storage

Have you ever thought of using your storage products to decorate the kitchen? Tea bags, pasta, rice, sugar, biscuits, spices or coffee, get them out of closets; they will become decorative accessories! Using some beautiful boxes, glass jars or pretty bottles, storing the kitchen products has never been so decorative! Glass jars inherited from our grandmothers have never been old fashion. Sweets, colored pasta, rice or other grains are exposing themselves unashamedly to set the tone in the kitchen. It’s even better to have these transparent containers in different sizes to create a nice look from smallest to largest or vice versa. Arranged in a collection of glass bottles lined along the wall; spices offer to the kitchen a beautiful gradation of colors; pretty and subtle. Metal boxes decorated with beautiful patterns are still fashionable in kitchens, those small storage canes hide cookies, biscuits and tea bags waiting wisely for the teatime! They also add a sweet retro ambience in the kitchen. Nothing’s like a set of boxes decorated with a label in slate to find products easily in the kitchen. Not just very beautiful as décor, the slate is also practical; we write what the box contains: “flour”, “sugar”, “coffee”, etc.,,, and we can erase everything as we like if we want to write another word. For elegant housewives who like to add a classy look into their kitchens, those porcelain boxes are for you! They are available with images displaying their contents in a chic & decorative look.

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How to use the Kitchen Storage in Decoration 2

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