How to Turn Old Bottles into Smart Picture Frames

Turn Old Bottles into Smart Picture Frames 1


The digital age may have made it easier for us to print off great pictures all the time, so how about creating your own bottle picture frames to put them in. These are so inexpensive in relation to the cost of a good quality photograph frames and will help put the fun back. When we see something at Stylish Eve that we think is clever, classy and will save our fans money, we just have to tell you all about it. And that is exactly the case with these brilliant DIY bottle photo frames we know you will have such great fun making and which we spotted on the DIY Network.


When you look at what is involved in making a bottle photo frame, you will be very surprised at how little you actually need. A clean clear glass bottle (of course), photographs, a glue gun, some seashells, small pebbles and sand, corks, some copper wire, bottle neck and top decorative accessories, candles, a pen and some card.


First give your empty wine or spirits bottle a thoroughly good clean inside and out. Soak it well beforehand to make removing the label easier. Dry the outside and shake as much water from the inside as possible. Leave in a warm place, like an airing cupboard, to dry thoroughly inside and out.


You can either do it by hand or create a paper funnel first, but carefully pour in your sand, small pebbles and then seashells, in that order.


Next you have to work quickly. Roll up the photograph you want to insert in the bottle and slip it in through the bottle neck, ensuring you have the photograph the correct way up. As soon as it is in the bottle, use the pen to help unfurl the photograph so it straightens out. Let it then settle in the shells and pebbles, which should help to keep it upright.


The way you decorate the top of the bottle can make all the difference. Once you have partly inserted a cork into the bottle, cut a slit in the top which can be used for holding decorative discs. Wrap the rest of the exposed cork in copper wire to add a touch of class.


Finally, seal around the cork with some molten candle wax – this will protect the photograph in the bottle from damp. Accessorize with dress jewelry, glass beads, a fake pearl necklace or other such items around the neck of the bottle, securing them in place with glue. Place a mixed selection of bottle picture frames together in one area to complete the effect.

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