How to Turn an Apple into an Edible Swan

How to Turn an Apple into an Edible Swan

Sometimes being allowed to ‘play with your food’ can produce remarkable results. Well that is exactly what is likely to happen if you let Grant Thompson, also known as “The King of Random”, let loose near your food, in this instance an apple. Maybe it is just the way we are, but we never cease to be amazed at what extraordinary talents some people have for creating quite marvelous ‘works of art’ from everyday items. If any of us were challenged and told to make a swan out of an apple, you can guarantee each and every one of us would attempt to carve one out of the middle of the apple, and make a complete mess into the bargain! With the King of Random, as you will discover, the exact opposite will take place and quite frankly we think you will be incredibly impressed.

What also excites us in this video is the fact that it is clear anyone of us, and you, could attempt, and likely succeed’ in varying degrees of quality. However unlike something requiring appreciably more skill such as apple carving, we reckon that attempting to make this swan out of an apple will boost your confidence for other food-related challenges. Having watched the video through ourselves we found that The King of Random makes sure everything is explained very clearly and in a manner that allows you not only to know what you are doing, but why. With no special tools other than a kitchen knife and two butter knives, the result will amaze you. Finally, as a really great tip, you are also reminded to spray the finished swan with lemon juice to stop it turning brown – another useful tip you can use elsewhere, such as with bananas, avocado pears etc.

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