How to Surprise Your Bride the One Direction Way! [Video]

Surprise Your Bride the One Direction Way

For many of us, the thought of giving our bride something memorable as a gift on her wedding day would involve jewelry. However there are also some grooms who are keen to do something more ‘personal’ and memorable. That was definitely the case for Seth Fickett, who really wanted to surprise his bride and new wife, Natalie. We have a sneaking suspicion Natalie may be a One Direction fan and that may have influenced Seth’s choice of ‘present’. With the secret help of six of his groomsmen, he set about creating a dance routine for the reception at his wedding. According to the Huffington Post, the groom took to YouTube to show off his thoughtful gift — and consequently, his dance skills. “I wanted to give Natalie, my beautiful bride, an awesome gift at the wedding reception. So I asked my brother/best man, Asher, to secretly help me choreograph a dance for the groomsmen to practice at the bachelor party,” Fickett wrote on his YouTube channel.

We’ve had a look at the video and we’re seriously impressed. This definitely wasn’t a quickly assembled one night’s rehearsal routine. This is verging on professional standard, and judging by the reaction of his new Wife, Seth hit the jackpot. If you look closely, all Natalie really wants to do is get up and join in the fun. In the video you can also hear plenty of clapping and cheering from other onlookers, so we sense this routine went down a storm with all the guests at the reception. And then, as if the coordinated routine wasn’t enough, there were some acrobatics. These guys are certainly fearless and we can’t help but applaud them. So what about you? Have you recently got married? Did your groom do something special? If so and you have it on video, why don’t you share it with us? [h/t: Brides]

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