How to Stop Racism with Actions, not Words [Video]

Stop Racism with Actions not Words

It is a sad fact that even today racism still exists in many parts of the world and also in many societies. Yes, the world has come a long way in the last 100 years in the battle for equality, not just for colored people and foreign immigrants, but women and the handicapped. The aim is to create a society that is fair and equal for everyone. However there are still a good number of people who seem to live in a different era, ones who for some reason seem incapable of adopting the 21st century attitude towards racism and discrimination. We are all in favor of videos like this. Ones which get the message over loud and clear that racism simply will not be tolerated in any form and in any situation. More to the point, anyone behaving in such an appalling manner will end up looking foolish.

What is so clever about this video is the fact that it is an everyday setting and it is not an unusual situation. After all, isn’t air travel one of the main reasons we now have such a multicultural environment to live in? It is ironic it should be on a plane that the woman is complaining. There is a clear message with this video which tells us all that if we act in a racist manner, we are more likely to lose out than be rewarded for our behavior and attitude. So we have to ask how you feel about racism and what you would have done if you had been the air stewardess. We suspect that this video is quite old, in fact we did a bit of sleuthing. The video was celebrating 50 years since the Declaration of Human Rights, which was in 1948. That means the video was made in 1998, even though it was only recently posted on YouTube. As a result we reckon that if the woman said what she did on board a plane today, she would probably be asked to get off the plane!

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