How to Stop a Baby from Crying with Help from Katy Perry Singing ‘Dark Horse’

How to Stop Baby from Crying by Katy Perry Dark Horse

We’ve all been there and we all know the signs. First there is a bit of a grizzly mood. Plenty of noise, lots of ‘chattering’ and then the tone changes a little. It goes from ‘I’m feeling grumpy’ to ‘I think the world’s coming to an end’ in the blink of an eye. If you’re driving along and in a hurry to get somewhere, your hands are tied (not literally – that would be dangerous!) and you can’t stop to give that little person a reassuring hug, which is probably all they really want. So what do you do? Distraction tactics can work well – especially comments like “Ooh, can you see the elephant out the window? Look there he is. Aww you missed him, but he did wave to you with his trunk”. However distraction tactics are often more effective on you as you successfully manage to miss the left turn you were supposed to take back there.

So how about something new, something unexpected, something quite remarkable? How about Katy Perry, the singing diva of the pop world, as the new Mrs Doubtfire or Mary Poppins (if you are old enough to remember her)? Instead of a quick rendition of A Spoon Full of Sugar Helps the Medicine Go Down, it would seem that a quick blast of Katy Perry singing Dark Horse works bigger miracles on grumpy and tetchy little children. Well it certainly looks that way based on this video posted by Eva Baker for us all to enjoy on YouTube. The transformation in this child’s demeanor is totally remarkable, to the point you have to wonder whether a magical cure for grumpy children has just been discovered. We suspect that sales of Dark Horse will have gone through the roof, but not to young kids and teenagers who love Katy’s music. No. It will be sales to worn out parents who are at their wit’s end wanting to know how to stop their child from crying!

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