How to Make Pumpkin-Style Play-Doh Mini Jack-o’-Lanterns

Pumpkin Style Play Doh Mini Jack o’ Lanterns

No childhood would be complete without Play-Doh, that’s for sure, and today it would seem that Halloween wouldn’t be complete without a little influence from Play-Doh either. We know that Halloween is more about buying the biggest pumpkin possible, hollowing it out while creating a huge mess in the kitchen, and then cutting out a ghoulish face. That’s all very well, but while it is immensely time-consuming, it is not enough to make the house look sufficiently in keeping with the day. Last year we came up with some great ideas for Halloween decorations, and these will go perfectly with them. This great idea for mini jack-o’-lanterns comes from Surprise eggs Toysandfunnykids with an easy-to-follow instructional video on YouTube. We love this idea as it is something you can do with your kids to begin with, then leave them to create as many as you want. Projects like these are perfect for kids as they are not too complicated and the end results will boost their confidence no end. Why? Because ghoulish looks don’t have to be perfect!

Setting up a clear working space is the key to the success of such a project as this. If you have got some cooking you want to get on with, then the kitchen table will be ideal to ‘supervise’ what your kids are getting up to. A helpful nudge here and there is not interfering, it is guidance and encouragement. However it is much more than that – it is interaction. To spend time with your kids doesn’t mean you literally have to hold their hand all the time. When looking back, so many of our memories are not so much of specific actions, but just times when we remember our parents being there, sometimes in the background, sometimes as the focal point. However all that matters to us is that they were there, not what they were doing. As with all special days, isn’t it more fun to do something together like this fun project?

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