How to Make a Rainbow Cake

How to make rainbow cake

There’s nothing nicer and more rewarding than seeing something, thinking immediately that you could never make anything as good, and then discovering you are more than capable of achieving the same result. That is exactly how we all felt when we saw this video that showed us how to make a rainbow cake. Feeling daunted was soon followed by curious, relieved, and then finally thrilled to bits – the whole range of emotions, and we’re only talking about baking a cake, not giving birth! Of course we knew we were in safe hands when we saw this video was from Jen at Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio as we received some great comments about her after we posted her video on how to make a zebra cake. Only one minute into watching this short 7 minute video and we knew that this cake was very achievable for even the novice baker, thanks to Jen’s terrific fool-proof instructions.

The base for this cake is made of equally thick layers of colored sponge, which is ideal for beginners as sponge cake is so simple to make. Here the clever thing is Jen makes sure that for each of the layers of sponge you have exactly the same amount of cake mix so that every layer is the same thickness. The look of the colored sponge elements makes this so appealing, and with a layer of buttercream between each section, you can be assured the cake will be nice and moist, as well as eye catching. We also loved how it was so clearly explained the best way to apply the colored buttercream layers on the outside too. How incredible when you cut into the cake to see that inside and outside match perfectly! How often do you get a cake that looks just as delicious on the inside as it does on the outside?

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