How to Make a No-Sew Clutch Bag

No Sew Clutch Bag 1


How often do you use a clutch bag? Do you find it frustrating that a clutch can cost so much, yet it is difficult to find one which goes with the majority of your outfits? Well at Stylish Eve we are always on the lookout for clever solutions to continual problems and we think we have found a perfect DIY project for you, thanks to By Wilma where you can see the project in full detail. There are a good number of things we really like about this project, not including the fact it doesn’t involve any stitching. First off it is inexpensive. This means you can make more than one to then accessorize even more of your wardrobe. Secondly it doesn’t take long to achieve the result you want. Thirdly, apart from the leather hole punch, you will probably find everything you need for to make a new clutch bag within your home.


First off you simply need to lay the material flat on a table, ideally with a cover underneath to protect it when using the glue. Simply fold the bottom of the material up towards the top, leaving enough of an overlap at the top as this will be the flap of your clutch bag. Glue the side of the clutch together with a strong fabric glue, such as ‘Unique Stitch’, and then peg it with spring-loaded clothes pegs. Once the sides are dry, fold the flap of the clutch bag over and then with a leather, or faux leather belt, wrap this round the center of the bag. Cut the leather belt to size, leaving a little extra as an overlap so that the strap can be adjusted when the clutch is full. Glue the belt to the clutch bag material and you then have your new clutch bag!






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