How to Make a Lamp from an Orange in Just 1 Minute

How to Make Lamp from Orange

We love great tips that can get you out of trouble in an emergency, and there is no doubt this is a great one which we found thanks to Household Hacker. And what makes it so great – like all memorable tips, its simplicity? Of course there are some of you who will be incredibly well organized and you probably have a drawer full of candles and torches in case there is ever a power outage. However from our personal experience, not everyone was a boy scout in their youth, so not all of us are prepared for every event. Candles are one of those things you never put on your shopping list because somehow you always assume you have got some somewhere. The truth is, maybe you have, but what do you do if the power suddenly goes out? How do you cope and what do you do if you really can’t remember where you put the candles after the last power outage?

Maybe you do have a torch handy, but how long is that going to last, and once the battery’s gone flat you’ve got no way of recharging it? However if you have at least a minute of life left in the torch and it’s pitch black in the house, all is not lost. Hopefully you will have an orange and some cooking oil in the kitchen. The video shows olive oil being used, but we believe from checking out the many comments below the video’s posting that any type of cooking oil can be used. We also know that there are loads of alternatives with plenty of comments from people saying they’d rather use a candle. They seem to miss the point that this isn’t for everyday use, it is in case you don’t have an alternative in an emergency, which is why we like the idea so much. Our only word of caution is to make sure you rest the orange on a plate or saucer as the base can get hot when the lamp is lit.

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