How to Make 100 Water Balloons in Under 1 Minute [Video]

How to Make 100 Water Balloons in Under 1 Minute

It doesn’t matter how old you are, inside every one of us is a kid still trying to get back out. What better way to tease that mischievous side of you than with this video, which isn’t just instructional, it’s also extremely funny. How? Because Dave, the presenter, has a very cool sidekick who goes by the name of Butch. Butch is a golden Labrador. Well he is a toy dog which resembles a golden Labrador and who has a mouth that moves, so it looks like he is talking, most of the time. When we first watched this video we almost lost sight of the fact that this is actually a commercial for Bunch o Balloons, an extremely clever and inventive way of enabling you to make a load of water balloons all in one go. On the basis the video says you can make 100 in under a minute, we calculated that each ‘set’ of balloons has 25 which you can fill with water all in one go.

We really liked this idea as water balloons are fun, but they are also fiddly things to make. This set-up is brilliant as all you have to do is attach the balloon holder to a hose with a suitable connector, and turn the tap on gently. When we first looked at the unfilled balloons we couldn’t work out how you could fill them and stop them from bursting. However the design is very clever and as the balloons reach a certain size when being filled with water, the weight forces them to slip off the filling tube, and the elastic band around the balloon’s neck instantly seals everything inside. With water balloons so easy to fill, we reckon there will be some major water fights going on. We also think there must have been quite a few of them recently as when we checked the Lucky Penny Shop website, they had sold out of Bunch o Balloons.

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