How to Create a Small Living Area in your Bedroom

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When you have a bedroom of a good size, it is always nice to have a small seating area in which you enjoy reading or relaxing. Here are some tips to add a small living space in your bedroom. If your bedroom isn’t very big, you can still choose to add a cozy chair to enjoy a comfortable seat other than the bed. Place the chair in a corner so that it takes less space. If you want to install a television in your bedroom, it is better to allocate a real space for it to avoid insomnia. To do this, place a chair in front of the television and customize this space using a rug for example. If you like to enjoy your breakfast in a calm atmosphere in your bedroom without staying in bed, choose a chair and some cushions to place around a coffee table. There too, to mark this space you can still use a nice rug. If you place a comfy chair with a table away enough from the bed, this allows you to have a small working place in the bedroom. All depends on your bedroom size & layout; if yours is quite small, do not annoy yourself by multiplying furniture in it because in this case it will look overloaded which is really bad; try to keep on simplicity as much as you can.

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