How to Create a Luminous Ambience in your Veranda


If the furnishing of the veranda is an important issue, its lighting is equally important to make it a true place for relaxation. While this place is filled with natural light during the day, it would be unfortunate and sad that it becomes dull at night… Here are some tips easy to apply to help you in transforming your veranda into a cheerful and luminous place during both day & night. If you haven’t built your veranda yet, the ideal is to provide a lighting system with low voltage spotlights, integrated directly into the tubular structure of the roof. This way the light is well homogeneously distributed while remaining very unobtrusive. In the case of a wooden veranda, spotlights can also be distributed in the ceiling. It is recommended to install a 35 watt light point for an area of 2 m². On a veranda of 20 m²; it will be advisable to install at least 10 points of light. The number of spotlights, which are homogeneously distributed, can vary according to certain criteria such as the usage of the veranda or the kind of roofing used.

The LED lighting system is the best one in terms of light output, price and lifetime. When the veranda is covered with a glass roof in a large volume, the central chandelier becomes a popular decorative item. You can choose depending on the style of your veranda: with pendants for a Baroque style, in wood for nature spirit or a country ambience, in wrought iron for a decorative retro atmosphere, etc. Once the main lighting is placed, you can add more decorative objects like table lamps, wall sconces and wreaths to multiply the sources of light. Also, think in to create the perfect lighting depending on the spaces of your veranda and its usage; dining, reading, winter lounge, etc., Never forget to respect the right balance of lighting so your veranda is neither too dark nor too aggressively lighted. Plants also can be decorated with lighting; thanks to some creativity, you can create real lighting effects with the foliage, while highlighting the architecture of your veranda.

How to Create a Luminous Ambience in your Verandah 11

How to Create a Luminous Ambience in your Verandah 3

How to Create a Luminous Ambience in your Verandah 4

How to Create a Luminous Ambience in your Verandah 5

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