How to Create a Beautiful Winged Eyeliner Look [Video]

Winged Eye Liner

Practice makes perfect so they say. However for the practice to be productive, having a good grasp of the foundations of what you are attempting to do is essential. That is why we like video tutorials to help you learn the tricks of the trade when it comes to applying makeup. We were very taken with Selina Lundstrom’s presentation technique, as well as her clear knowledge about eyeliner, so we decided we ought to share it with you. Selina has over 80 thousand followers on YouTube and this particular video has already had over 4 million views, so it is abundantly clear Selina knows exactly what she is talking about. Certainly when you listen to the tone of her voice it exudes confidence, and that is always a plus when sharing knowledge and skills. So how do you feel about a winged eyeliner style when there are other eyeliner styles to choose from?

Selina is very thoughtful in her presentation and right from the very beginning she lets you know exactly the right make up accessories to use. With all her videos it is clear that there are always good but affordable products you can use to achieve the right result. As the demonstration goes on it becomes even more apparent that having a good quality eyeliner is essential to create smooth flowing lines for this winged eyeliner look. What was also useful to discover is this is a technique that can be used with a pencil, liquid, cream or gel eyeliner. We know that everyone has their preference for the type of makeup they use, so we thought you would appreciate the flexibility Selina offers with her demonstration. We think the results look brilliant and we hope that you will be tempted to try this style of eyeliner out.

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